“Şapcıoğlu” The Shining Star of the Pipe Sector.

Şapcıoğlu, entered to the sector by producting the sheet pipes for boring the ground in 1985. The Company . The Company divulged its fame in production of qualified sheet pipes in all around Turkey up to the year 2005, and increased production capacity.

Since the year 2005, the Company activated some new investments in the plastic sector and began to production. Beside the production of iron boring pies, our Company began to manufacture plastic boring pipes and clean water pipes since the beginning of the year 2005. The Company proved its qualification by the quality documents of ISO and TSE and by the experimental quality reports of different universities. It has been activated its productions in an area of 8000m² in the 1st Organized Industrial Area. It (the Company) powered its selling web by establishing sellers all around Turkey.

At the end of the marketing efforts at abroad, exportings to Afghanistan, Tunisia, Cyprus, Nigeria and Turkish Nations in Soviet Countries were activated. We want to let the whole world nations hear the “Şapçıoğlu” mark and its quality and increase the exporting capacity.

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