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The Superiority of the Şapcıoğlu Pressured Pipes;
  • They are light in weight and can be easily carried and mounted.
  • They have got a long live.
  • They resist against corrosion and deterioration.
  • Loss of pressure is low.
  • The surface is smooth and brilliant.
  • They are not flammable, flashing and bursting.
  • They are in accordance with the pressured additional pieces.
Şapcıoğlu PVC-U Pressured Pipes;
  • The are used in underground and surface pressured water carriage systems (clean water systems for cities and for industrial areas).
  • As main carrier and distributor pipes in agricultural irrigating systems.
  • In electric and communication systems. (For liying cable web sistems).
  • In canalisation, dirty water and effluent emptiying systems.
  • They are safely used in chemical and industrial foundations.
  • They are long live serviced and don’t need maintenance.
The Specifications of Şapcıoğlu Plastic Pressured Pipes
Raw material PVC-U
The standards TS 274 EN 1452
The Colour Gri
The Dimensions from 6Ø 50 mm. Up to Ø 400 mm. PN 4,6,10,16 6 meter length.
Other dimensions are made in accordance with the orders.
Connection “muff” headed, flat ended, with elestomeric gasket with dissolvent and with adhesive.
The Tests  Results
Dancity 1350 < p < 1460 kg/m²
Opaquenness max. % 0,2
Vicat softening temperature 80° C
They are durable to diclormetan Diclormetan
Vinil clorur Monomer Amountı < 1 ppm
Interior pressure Durable against to the interior pressure is two times more of the nominal pressure
Impact resistance TIR < % 10  
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